How Stream Energy is giving back.

Every company sets out to make a profit from whatever venture it is undertaking. Stream energy is no different; however, over the years, they have endeavored to do more than just make a profit. And this has entailed joining the community and helping out in various ways. The philanthropic arm of the company is today known as Stream Cares. A befitting name because they have chosen to undertake responsibilities within the community that are geared towards the betterment of the lives of those that they sell energy to. Stream energy realized early on that in order for them to do more for the community they required a dedicated team that would always be on the lookout for issues and areas affecting the community and what their input would be and how they would go about it. This has helped stream energy achieve more within a very short time since Stream Cares has only been around for about three years. It was established in 2016.

Within that short time stream cares has partnered with other philanthropic organizations for various courses such as the elimination of homelessness, support for veterans and disaster relief efforts. Some of the organizations that stream energy through stream cares has partnered with include Habitat for Humanity, Texas tornado benefit, American Red Cross, and the Giving program. When hurricane Harvey struck, it left in its wake a lot of disaster. A lot of families were left homeless, vulnerable and without hope for tomorrow. Stream energy took it upon themselves to ensure that they gave the community that for long been loyal customers’ new hope. They would deliver food, water, personal hygiene products and even joined in the rebuilding of the community. This would, in turn, help the community realize that they were not only out to make profits, but had become part and parcel of the community’s fabric and they were in fact committed to the growth of the Dallas community

Stream energy continues to work with veterans and have established annual events such as the American girl doll experience for them. The event takes ten daughters of military men and women out for lunch for a day full of fun and caters for all the bills.