Get to Know Wild Ark and WHat it has to Offer

Founded by Sophie and Mark Hutchinson, Wild Ark is a global network of professionals who are passionate about conservation and preservation of the worlds uninhabited places. These are places where animals can freely roam without interference from humanity, but they are diminishing more and more every day.


Wild Ark hopes restore and preserve these wild, untamed areas and conserve the worlds wildlife. This means ecosystems and biodiversity has to be a focal point, and that takes a very special team of caring, dedicated people. Wild Ark teams do it all, but they need support from nature lovers to keep playing it forward and conserve the planets natural habitats for the generations to come to embrace. Learn more:


Can you imagine a world without nature? With overpopulation and deforestation this is where the future is headed without organizations like Wild Ark. This is an essential program that targets all of the beauty of the world around us, its natural inhabitants and trey’s to preserve it in its purest essence. Learn more:


There are ways that you can support Wild Ark, but it is a win-win. All of the options are eco-tourism based selections that you are shure to love and cherish for a lifetime to come. You will see nature in its finest hour and the feeling you get from being a part of something bigger is priceless. Every trip taken will have a positive impact on the environment.


You can choose from the Mana Pools with Bush life safaris which offers a more than unique experience. On your walk you will see wildlife like elephants and hippos and you can say that you slept under the Zimbabwe stars. You can also choose the Botswana Photographic Safaris or the or explore the Mobile Birding Safaris. A favorite among tourist is the Botswana Mobile Tented Safaris which allows an untainted experience in the African wilderness. These are only a few of the unique and memorable experiences awaiting you at Wild Ark. Not only will you be able to embrace the cause, nut the memories you will capture there will last for the rest of your life. Learn more: