Talk Fusion: A Global Leader of Innovation

Talk Fusion is a global industry leader in video marketing. Bob Reina founded Talk Fusion in 2007. Individuals can purchase products from Talk Fusion Associates in more than 135 countries. Representatives receive training via the internet from Talk Fusion University which began in June 2017. Talk Fusion announced they developed an updated version of Live Meetings software. The ease of access of the new Live Meetings software allows users to quickly use the product in a way that has greater compatibility with devices customers use to access the internet. Users can test the Live Meetings software prior to meetings before participants login to sessions.


Bob Reina is a former police officer who is the CEO and Founder of Talk Fusion. Mr. Reina is achievement oriented which he demonstrated throughout his career in the police force and in his career in Direct Sales which spanned for over 20 years. The Associates at Talk Fusion motivate Bob Reina and he desires to help them reach their career aspirations. Mr. Reina founded Talk Fusion after he was unable to send video footage of a home he was interested in purchasing to his family by his electronic mail provider. Bob Reina realized the idea of sending video via email was an innovative idea and he called upon a friend and shared his idea. The product that was created later developed into the first inclusive Video Marketing Solution in the world. Learn more:


Mr. Reina has a passion for contributing to society by assisting individuals, making charitable contributions, and helping nonprofit organizations which serve clients or animals globally. One of the ways Bob Reina contributes to individuals in need is by quietly assisting people in stores who cannot purchase their items. Mr. Reina’s goal is to allow individuals to achieve what seems impossible. Nonprofit organizations round the globe impact more people with their work because one of Bob Reina’s goals is to assist charities with spreading their cause. Mr. Reina desires to assist individuals with fulfilling their desires and aspirations by utilizing Talk Fusion’s video products. As an animal lover, Bob Reina demonstrates his passion for animals by allowing family pets in the office.




Bob Reina – CEO of Talk Fusion

What Does Talk Fusion Promise To Their Clients?

Talk Fusion promises results for every person who joins this company. They have incredible video marketing solutions that will pave the way for you to attain serious growth and reach new levels of success online. If you want to engage your customers using video and know how to deliver your biggest sales pitch and bring people into your brand, this company can do it for you and give you this chance. Talk Fusion delivers incredible product delivery, and you can almost guarantee that this brand offers everything you will ever need. Learn more:


Talk Fusion’s owner is Bob Reina, who so gracefully provides free information on a whim on a daily basis to give his clientele the knowledge they need to best make use of Talk Fusion’s online marketing video solutions. Talk Fusion is always here to provide incredible knowledge, and their latest new content is just what you need. Talk Fusion briefly mentions the beauty held behind knowing how to target your audience the right way. Simply creating content that works specifically for your brand and audience is the key to engaging them effectively to take action. Whatever you want them to do, whether it be getting the sale or making them sign up through email, your goal is to know how to bring people in. Learn more:


Knowing how to stand apart from the rest of your competitors is another key element, and video marketing in itself is already helping you move forward. The best thing you can ever do for your brand is to follow the advice in one of the articles that Reina posted about thriving in this industry in today’s society.


There is so much to do in the world of online business. Talk Fusion is incredibly reliable and they are always looking for new ways to give their clientele stunning services. Talk Fusion is known for their video marketing solutions, and they are known for being specifically solutions because they really help you move forward. Just by going through the new content he always posts on the HuffPost, he is always coming up with new greta ideas and ways to succeed. Learn more: