Doe Deere’s Lime Crime Makeup Breaks Beauty Rules In Most Glam Way

Doe Deere would be the first to admit that creating a makeup brand is extremely against the odds in such a cutthroat industry. To make it work in that arena, you need to offer the consumer something really mind-blowing and unique.


Lime Crime is like nothing beauty fans have ever seen, and Doe Deere trusted her instincts and knew when to strike. The native Russian sat down with to talk beauty shop.


Doe Deere knew at a very young age that she was artistic, creative and very imaginative. Unicorns were a big thing for her. She also loved playing with makeup and adorning the faces of her friends with lots of wild colors. She even sold temporary tattoos to her classmates; the entrepreneurial bug had hit her early.


She moved to New York City in her late teens and discovered that the huge metropolis offered such variety in just about anything she explored except for cosmetics. Even NYC was lacking in fresh, bold makeup for modern young women. Doe Deere was into hair, fashion and cosmetics and believed that all three help define a woman’s look. The giant companies offered tan palettes, and red was the only bold shade, so it seemed. There had to be something more for women.


She had already run a few small businesses and was fearless when it came to creating her own opportunities. Doe Deere believed that e-commerce was the way of the shopping future and decided that launching a beauty brand online was the way to go. In 2008, Lime Crime debuted. It featured wildly-colored makeup palettes with amazing pigments, unique textures and a bad girl reputation.


Doe Deere was not sure how far her cosmetics vision could extend, but women everywhere began flocking to the label and putting on Lime Crime’s purple lipsticks, blue shades, mushroom colors and glittery eyeshadows. Young women like Doe Deere had been searching for a bold and beautiful new way to define their individual uniqueness.


Lime Crime was about breaking the rules; the old, stuffy, traditional cosmetics trends seemed tired and ancient.


Today, Lime Crime has built a fine reputation internationally for being a vegan cosmetics brand. The e-commerce site has recently expanded into the Chinese beauty industry in partnership with another Los Angeles-based e-commerce site, Revolve.


Lime Crime is proud of its cruelty-free certification by Leaping Bunny because that organization is very strict on awarding certification titles around the world. Lime Crime makeup contains zero animal-derived ingredients, and that is very important to many consumers.


Doe Deere has brought something new to the beauty table in the way of vivid, wild makeup, but she isn’t resting on her laurels. She has learned that running a successful company is one thing but maintaining its appeal and freshness are another. Reinventing herself and Lime Crime are a non-stop enterprise.


The brand’s latest creation is semi-permanent, rainbow-colored vegan hair tint without any damaging ingredients.


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