How the Entrepreneurial Skills of Eric Lefkofsky May Help Win the War on Cancer

Eric Lefkofsky has created many successful businesses in his entrepreneurial career, but none may be more important to the betterment of society than Tempus. Based in Chicago, this high-tech firm offers hope for millions who have in the past or will in the future suffer from cancer and read full article.

Born in Detroit in September 1969, Lefkofsky received his primary education from Southfield-Lathrup High School and would later graduate from the University of Michigan. It was from the same university that he would receive a degree in law in 1993. He began his career as a carpet seller, but would later rise to become one of America’s great entrepreneurs. Among the companies he helped to form were Groupon and Echo Global Logistics, both of which provide e-commerce services, and Uptake, a data-analysis firm.

Tempus was created out a direct need from the medical industry, which lacked the simply tools needed to understand and analyze how cancer develops in certain patients. Using the latest technology, Tempus has established a large database designed to form genetic profiles of those who have suffered from the various forms of cancer. This information will help doctors better understand other cancer patients with similar profiles. The end result will be the development of “personalized” treatment options, which offer the prospect of higher rates of recovery and lower rates of recurrence. The processing of the data is based on the principle of genetic sequencing.

The work of Tempus will help to make diagnoses more precise, making treatments more effective, and will also bring down the cost of the entire process. Tempus has begun working with the Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center, located at Northwestern University, and is expected to establish other medical partnerships to help in its research.

In addition to his work at Tempus, Lefkofsky is known for his social activisim. In 2006, he and his wife Elizabeth established the Lefkofsky Foundation, which provides financial support to various charitable, educational and scientific organizations, and the couple would later join The Giving Pledge, a group that encourages the wealthy to engage in philanthropic activity and what Eric knows.

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