Richard Blair, the Financial Advisor for the 2000’s

Hailing from a teaching background with both a grandmother and a mother who were teachers, Richard Blair embraced his version of teaching as a financial services advisor. He founded Wealth Solutions in 1994 where he serves clients in the Austin, Texas area. Following his belief that everyone should have a good plan, he uses three standards to insure his clients’ needs are met.

He creates a financial roadmap designed to identify their goals, strengths and risk tolerances. Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions also points out which grow opportunities his client would benefit from.

He tailors a long-term strategy for achieving the growth that is sought. He considers the client’s liquidity needs and his investment goals and then devises the best method for achieving it. He will reallocate assets and manage the client’s portfolio to insure the maximum output of the investments. He monitors the investment and makes the necessary adjustments when faced with a downturn in the market to stave off losses.

He solidifies the client solutions by making sure the client is insured to care for loss of life and loss of ability to work. He puts in place life insurance and long term care coverage.


Richard Blair is a registered investment advisor with a Retirement Income Certified Professional (RICP), a CFP, a CAS, a CES and a CFS certification. He is also a graduate from the University of Houston having received a Bachelor in Science degree in Finance and Financial Management Services. He now applies his education and his experience in giving his clients sound advice for investing, retirement planning and wealth preservation.


With more than 25 years of experience, Richard Blair stands by his credentials to deliver top notch financial solutions to his clients. As a certified financial planner (CFP), he has agreed to abide by the professional code of ethics and the financial planners rules of conduct which protect the interests of the client whose investing, which generally fall within the financial planning practice standards. This keeps those who follow the rules able to protect the client from abuses.


Potential investors can research a planner by determining what his CRD number is. Richard Blair’s CRD number is 2256412. Check out his credentials with the SEC and look his record over carefully. If you’re looking for a professional who gives really applicable financial advice for the 21st century, look no further.


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Talk Fusion: A Global Leader of Innovation

Talk Fusion is a global industry leader in video marketing. Bob Reina founded Talk Fusion in 2007. Individuals can purchase products from Talk Fusion Associates in more than 135 countries. Representatives receive training via the internet from Talk Fusion University which began in June 2017. Talk Fusion announced they developed an updated version of Live Meetings software. The ease of access of the new Live Meetings software allows users to quickly use the product in a way that has greater compatibility with devices customers use to access the internet. Users can test the Live Meetings software prior to meetings before participants login to sessions.


Bob Reina is a former police officer who is the CEO and Founder of Talk Fusion. Mr. Reina is achievement oriented which he demonstrated throughout his career in the police force and in his career in Direct Sales which spanned for over 20 years. The Associates at Talk Fusion motivate Bob Reina and he desires to help them reach their career aspirations. Mr. Reina founded Talk Fusion after he was unable to send video footage of a home he was interested in purchasing to his family by his electronic mail provider. Bob Reina realized the idea of sending video via email was an innovative idea and he called upon a friend and shared his idea. The product that was created later developed into the first inclusive Video Marketing Solution in the world. Learn more:


Mr. Reina has a passion for contributing to society by assisting individuals, making charitable contributions, and helping nonprofit organizations which serve clients or animals globally. One of the ways Bob Reina contributes to individuals in need is by quietly assisting people in stores who cannot purchase their items. Mr. Reina’s goal is to allow individuals to achieve what seems impossible. Nonprofit organizations round the globe impact more people with their work because one of Bob Reina’s goals is to assist charities with spreading their cause. Mr. Reina desires to assist individuals with fulfilling their desires and aspirations by utilizing Talk Fusion’s video products. As an animal lover, Bob Reina demonstrates his passion for animals by allowing family pets in the office.




Bob Reina – CEO of Talk Fusion

Doe Deere’s Lime Crime Makeup Breaks Beauty Rules In Most Glam Way

Doe Deere would be the first to admit that creating a makeup brand is extremely against the odds in such a cutthroat industry. To make it work in that arena, you need to offer the consumer something really mind-blowing and unique.


Lime Crime is like nothing beauty fans have ever seen, and Doe Deere trusted her instincts and knew when to strike. The native Russian sat down with to talk beauty shop.


Doe Deere knew at a very young age that she was artistic, creative and very imaginative. Unicorns were a big thing for her. She also loved playing with makeup and adorning the faces of her friends with lots of wild colors. She even sold temporary tattoos to her classmates; the entrepreneurial bug had hit her early.


She moved to New York City in her late teens and discovered that the huge metropolis offered such variety in just about anything she explored except for cosmetics. Even NYC was lacking in fresh, bold makeup for modern young women. Doe Deere was into hair, fashion and cosmetics and believed that all three help define a woman’s look. The giant companies offered tan palettes, and red was the only bold shade, so it seemed. There had to be something more for women.


She had already run a few small businesses and was fearless when it came to creating her own opportunities. Doe Deere believed that e-commerce was the way of the shopping future and decided that launching a beauty brand online was the way to go. In 2008, Lime Crime debuted. It featured wildly-colored makeup palettes with amazing pigments, unique textures and a bad girl reputation.


Doe Deere was not sure how far her cosmetics vision could extend, but women everywhere began flocking to the label and putting on Lime Crime’s purple lipsticks, blue shades, mushroom colors and glittery eyeshadows. Young women like Doe Deere had been searching for a bold and beautiful new way to define their individual uniqueness.


Lime Crime was about breaking the rules; the old, stuffy, traditional cosmetics trends seemed tired and ancient.


Today, Lime Crime has built a fine reputation internationally for being a vegan cosmetics brand. The e-commerce site has recently expanded into the Chinese beauty industry in partnership with another Los Angeles-based e-commerce site, Revolve.


Lime Crime is proud of its cruelty-free certification by Leaping Bunny because that organization is very strict on awarding certification titles around the world. Lime Crime makeup contains zero animal-derived ingredients, and that is very important to many consumers.


Doe Deere has brought something new to the beauty table in the way of vivid, wild makeup, but she isn’t resting on her laurels. She has learned that running a successful company is one thing but maintaining its appeal and freshness are another. Reinventing herself and Lime Crime are a non-stop enterprise.


The brand’s latest creation is semi-permanent, rainbow-colored vegan hair tint without any damaging ingredients.


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