Dick DeVos’ Efforts towards improving the Education Sector

Dick DeVos is an American millionaire businessman who has dedicated himself to participating in charitable activities. He is based in Michigan and is an influential Republican Party member. The entrepreneur has given millions of dollars through the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation to support undertakings that deal with justice, education, art, and Christian missions. His wife, Betsy DeVos, is also a philanthropist and currently acts as the U.S secretary of education. The couple does business together, and their generosity has had a positive impact in the United States. Dick was raised in a privileged family. His father, Richard DeVos, is a billionaire and is the current owner of Orlando Magic and Amway. According to Forbes, Richard is worth $5.1 billion and is the 88th wealthiest individual in the United States.


Amway is a multi-billion dollar enterprise that has majored in manufacturing healthcare products. The firm is highly profitable, and its revenue was estimated to be $9.5 billion in 2016. In 1979, Dick joined Amway and had become its vice president by 1984. He is an excellent administrator and was named as the CEO and president of Orlando Magic after its ownership was transferred to his family. DeVos spent two years at the basketball club and later started a successful company that is known as the Windquest Group.


DeVos is recognized for the vision for the Michigan as a politician. In 2006, the Republican Party selected him as its candidate for the state’s gubernatorial office. Dick had a lot of good plans for the people of Michigan including improving the business environment by reducing taxes. He also wanted to allocate more money to enhance the education sector. The election was won by the Democratic Party’s Jennifer Granholm who was a strong competitor. DeVos’ manifesto enabled him to attract endowments from different organizations, which include the Michigan Chamber of Commerce.


For decades now, the businessman and his family have been striving to reform the U.S education sector. Christian, charter, and public schools have received millions of dollars from the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation. Through the organization, Dick and his wife struggle to make sure that all children get an equal opportunity of joining quality schools. He has also been supporting children from low-income backgrounds by offering them education grants and scholarships through the Education Freedom Fund, which is an institution that he established. Last year, his family donated $11.6 million and allocated $3 million to charity.


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