The Impact of Podcast Advertising on Consumers

Norman Pattiz, the Podcast One’s executive chairman, and Tom Webster, the Edison Research’s vice president, recently announced the results of some studies they had been doing on the impact of podcast advertising on consumers. The studies were carried out over the course of 1 to 2 months, and involved 5 different products and services, including a grocery brand, an automobile products, a lawn and garden product, and a financial services products. The results of the studies were impressive and clearly showed the great positive impact that podcast advertising has on brand recognition and perception among the podcast listeners.


A survey was done before the advertising campaigns began to determine the level of brand awareness among the audiences of various podcasts. After the advertising campaigns, which ran for about 5 weeks, another survey was done to determine the level of brand awareness among the listeners of those podcasts. The main findings from these studies were that brand awareness among the audiences of the podcasts increased significantly for all the products and services in the study. Brand perception also improved among the listeners, and a good number of them could remember the specific messages in the various advertising campaigns. Additionally, more listeners were willing to try out the various products and services after the advertising campaigns than before.


About Norman Pattiz


Norman Pattiz is a successful entrepreneur in the broadcasting field, and has over 4 decades’ experience in the field. He is the founder of Courtside Entertainment Group, Podcast One and Westwood One, both of which are doing exceptionally well under his leadership. Norman served on the US Broadcasting Board of Governors and contributed a lot to the development of radio as we know it today. He has received a number of awards for his great achievements, including the Giants of Broadcasting Award which was presented to him by the Library of American Broadcasting. His passion and dedication to the industry has put him on the National Radio Hall of Fame.




The results of the podcast advertising studies are great news for any marketer in the modern business environment. While the use of social media marketing and other traditional marketing media is still effective in driving sales and conversion, use of podcast advertising in addition to these can help businesses stand out and give them a chance to tap into the rich market that podcasts offer. The fact that podcast advertising is not very popular yet means that they will have a significant edge over their competitors.

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