Guilherme Paulus: An Investment Titan in the Tourism Industry

Guilherme Paulus is a big name in the tourism industry and he seems to be in a perpetual journey in his career. When he founded CVC alongside Carlos Vicente Cerchiari in 1972, he had one mission. He wanted to devote his time and resources to make the company grow and become the largest tour operator company in Latin America.

The backstory

Guilherme Paulus was born in 1949 in Sao Paulo and pursued business administration in college. Currently, he has over 50 years of experience in the tourism industry. Since the conception of CVC in 1972, Paulus strategized its growth and utilizing his extensive skillset, he introduced new travel packages that helped the company beat competition and become a top retailer tourism network in Brazil.

Further, he played a major role in financing the company through global investment fund in 2009, an endeavor that greatly boosted the operations of the company. Consequently, the company started trading its shares in the stock exchange in 2013. Currently, the tour operator company earns $5.2 billion per year. In an effort to expand its reach, CVC plans to open 100 stores every year. Guilherme Paulus takes advantage of every opportunity he gets to make the company grow even bigger. Currently, CVC is looking for ways to integrate online vendors with physical travel agencies by using the Omni Channel Concept.


Guilherme Paulus believes in philanthropy. CVC supports PIET located in Foz Iguacu, a charity organization that is dedicated to educating youngsters to become better professionals in the tourism industry in the future. CVC also supports National Project of Professional Initiation in Tourism. In addition, the company sponsors Klaide Care and Education Institution in Sante Andre. Paulus believes in the power of education and therefore, most of his philanthropic activities are centered on education and entrepreneurship.

Achievements and awards

The CVC founder has been recognized widely. French government officials recognized his efforts in promoting the tourism industry. CVC too has received share of recognitions by various prefectures including Cancun in Mexico as well as Isla Margarita in Venezuela.

Furthermore, Guilherme Paulus was given “Executive of Valor” title by Valor Economico. He has also received several other awards including “Personality of the Year Award”, “Revolutionary Consumer Relations Award” as well as “Entrepreneur of the Year Award”. Finally, the successful businessman chairs GJP Group, a company that controls over 15 hotels.

Roseann Bennett Offers High Quality And Intensive Family Therapy To Those In Need


Roseann Bennett is a well-known therapist in New Jersey and has helped many families reunite through her effective counseling. With over ten years of experience in the industry, Roseann Bennett has made a name for her and is amongst the most sought after family and marriage therapists. The amount of experience Roseann has gotten over the years has helped her understand what are the common issues that family and couples go through. Roseann Bennett has been able to devise a very unique way of helping people through their personal and family crisis, which has proven to be highly effective in resolving family and marriage crisis.

Roseann Bennett believes that it is necessary for the family members to trust each other to understand each other with more clarity. The more the transparency, better are the relationships. Roseann Bennett had worked as an in-home therapist for ten years in New Jersey before she went on to start Center for Assessment and Treatment. It is this institution that has helped hundreds and thousands of members of the New Jersey and surrounding areas to get over their mental health and family crisis.

If you are one of the victims of the family and marriage based crisis and want to mend the patches in your relationship, seek help at the Center for Assessment and Treatment. It helps the people who are unable to afford expensive therapies and even provide free treatment to the underprivileged.

In an interview, Roseann Bennett was asked what the current trends she believed in and loved are. Her answer was mindfulness as she believes that there is too much distraction around and one has to be in the current state of mind to experience things around them. To form better relationships, it is essential for people to limit the distractions and to concentrate on things that are essential for them. Visit This Page to learn more about her one on one with IdeaMensch.

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Wes Edens Brightline Rail unique Idea

Fortress Co-Founder Wes Edens is a dangerous, experienced with the wealth of information in the financial world. Wes personal investments revolve around unique kind of ventures departing from congested fields. He surprised many when he and his partner parted with $ 550 million to purchase Milwaukee team in Miami and lately he again CO owned 55% of English premier league club Aston Villa Football Club. He has now come up with a unique style of investing in transport sector through a Brightline rail.

Wes Edens BrightLine train offers transport solutions to residents if Florida and Miami. Brightline is the first private rail to be opened to the public as of January 13, 2008. Wes, in his own words, described the rail a solution to distances that are too long to drive and too short to fly. The train first operated from Fort Lauderdale to West Palm Beach in January, then, extended to Miami from Fort Lauderdale in May. Wes Brightline rail is purposed to reach Orlando by the year 2021 with a master plan of serving the residents of Las Vegas and California in the year 2022. To know more about him click here.

Wes Edens Brightline Train has drastically changed the commuting trends from Miami to Fort Lauderdale in that, a journey that used to take around one hour to drive it now 30 minutes with BrightLine train. It is not only fast but also very comfortable with passengers enjoying the comfort of leather seats, free WI-FI, and quality food services. Commuters in Florida and California are set to enjoy the same services shortly, and it will be easy to connect with Fort Lauderdale when Wes Edens Brightline rail complete the next phase by 2021.

Wes Edens earned his Bachelor’s degree Finance at the Oregon State University. At Lehman Brothers and BlackRock Financial Management, he was involved in asset investment and Private Equity as a managing director and a partner. The idea of Brightline rail is a unique venture from a visionary investor.

Nick Vertucci Fortune in Flipping Strategy

Nick Vertucci is the Founder and CEO of NV Real Estate Academy (NVREA). He also developed the Fortunes in Flipping System. He first took an interest in real estate when he was invited to a three-day seminar by a friend. He had had a tough childhood, coming from a middle-class family his father died when he was nine, and his mother had to step in and be the breadwinner. At the age of 18, he found himself out on the streets and sleeping in his van. Being passionate about becoming his own boss, he started a business in selling computer accessories. This business was however crushed during the dot-com crash that left many companies in financial turmoil. Eighteen months later, he met his friend who introduced him to the real estate business where he would then become a successful real estate guru and a millionaire. Nick Vertucci was inspired to teach others step by step about how he became a millionaire through real estate, and that is when NVREA was born in January 2014.

At NVREA, Nick Vertucci teaches the simple and straightforward strategies that allowed him to take control of his finances through Fortunes in Flipping in real estate. He holds three to four days events, workshops and seminars all around the U.S. to share his techniques. He also does this through one-on-one mentoring programs and online tutorials. He has dedicated his professional life to learning and applying the principles of real estate investment. Nick Vertucci is the host of a highly rated Real Estate Investing Hour Show on KFWB News Talk 180 where he also explains the methods he uses in the Fortune and Flipping Kit.

At NVREA students are taught to make money in real estate through assigning wholesaling properties and REO properties and Tax Liens. The Academy also teaches about challenges faced in the real estate industry and how to bravely face and concur them. It also teaches ways in which to protect one’s assets, buying and holding of properties to ensure a longtime cash flow, investing commercially in real estate, taking control of the 401K and IRA. The academy has a group of professional lecturers who are dedicated to helping the student reach maximum success heights. There are thousands of positive online review about the institute, and many people have realized success, increased their income and transformed their personal lives through the program.

Oregano Gold, Changing Opinions and Offering Quality Products to the Masses

Organo Gold is a different kind of instant coffee supplier well versed in the North American coffee culture. Coffee culture can be described as a series of behaviors and an atmosphere relating directly to coffee and social interaction beginning in the 1960s. Organo Gold is a company created as a direct reaction to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd wave of coffee consumption.

The first wave of coffee consumption focused on convenience, relying coffee pots and instant coffee between the 1800s and 1980s. The second wave, with companies like Maxwell and Folgers starting up in the 1900s, introduced terms like French press, latte, and macchiato to the masses with a focus on the taste with consumers seeking the social aspect of coffee houses. In the year 1971 Starbucks opened its doors and quickly helped coffee culture grow in availability. By the third wave of coffee consumption the quality and value of the coffee gained importance as well as transparency in the soil it was grown in and what altitude and roast method were used.

In the year 2008 Organo Gold, now simply known as ORGANO, opened with the intention of selling better coffee products and wellness supplements to consumers worldwide. Since then Organo Gold has been featured in chain and independent coffee houses throughout the United States and is an expanding trusted supplier offering a wide variety of products. Organo Gold offers all of its products for wholesale to consumers to stock their own pantries or enter into the lucrative coffee business themselves.

The gourmet organic king of coffee is the only instant coffee that utilizes organic ganoderma lucidum spore powder; a nutrient and antioxidant packed substance, and is a rich, bold, medium dark Arabica roast. Some organic products that are offered include mycelium, nutritional shakes, and seed oils. In 2013 Organo Gold was recognized as the 55th top network marketing company in the world and is changing opinions on what instant coffee and wellness supplements can be by bringing these earthly treasures to the masses.

Investments that set Wes Edens apart

Most People Know Wes Edens as a principal at the Fortress Investment Group. He is one of the founding members of the group with the other two being Robert (Rob) Kauffman and Randal (Randy) Nardone. He and his partners came together in 1998 to start what at the time was a private investment group, but has grown two decades later to become one of the biggest asset management companies with a portfolio estimated to be worth over forty billion dollars. The group has also continued in the same footprints of always ensuring that their portfolio is diverse which helps protect the group from the effects of industry collapse in one area.

Wes Edens, however, is a lover of sports. He may not actively play, but he has invested intensively in the same.

Milwaukee Bucks

Wes Edens and a business partner Marc Lasry who many recognize from Avenue Capital Group where he is the Chief Executive officer acquired the Milwaukee Bucks. At the time they both wanted the team to return to its former glory, and this is something they were determined to see happen. On 16th April 2014, the sale was completed, and the two promised Herb Kohl that they would ensure that the team remained in Wisconsin. The two vowed to in fact build them a stadium here to ensure the same and they have been able to achieve the same. Wes Edens has been a very vocal supporter of the team since then.

Aston Villa.

Wes Edens would again partner with Nassef Sawiris to acquire Aston Villa. The investment in an English Football team may have surprised many, but those who understood the dynamics of the English football scene knew that this was a very strategic investment. Aston Villa is currently playing in the Championship. In may the team missed by one came to make a comeback into the English Premier League. This for Edens was an opportune moment to make the acquisition as he understood that going forward the team would require some capital investment, but once they had brought in sufficient new talent, the team would be back to its top form.

Dick Devos, Leading Businessman and Philanthropist in Michigan Since the Nineties

Dick Devos has a family heritage of successful and leading businessmen in the state of Michigan where he was born and lives today. Mr. Devos, at age 61, has a reputation as a strategic businessman in the Grand Rapids area. Both Dick and Betsy Devos come from prestigious families, and together, in 1991, they established the Devos Family Foundation for their inheritances. They have donated, to date, over $139 million to the Republican Party and the Michigan public school system in order to improve education in Michigan and the U.S.


In addition to their successful careers in Michigan, Betsy was recently appointed to the position of Secretary of the Department of Education by the newly elected president, Donald Trump.


Richard Devos, Dick Devos’s father, was the founder and CEO of one of the leading networking businesses around the globe. The Amway Corporation was founded in 1988 and has become a household name. Dick Devos served as president and CEO from 1993-2002. He had planned to enter earlier, but in 1991, a proposal was presented before the city to build a new convention center and sports arena north of downtown Grand Rapids.


Mr. Devos knew this proposal would be detrimental to the business sector from the beginning, so he lobbied against it. The company withdrew their proposal. Dick had learned from the previous convention center built downtown, which had devastated the business population just a decade earlier. It was not a wise choice for Grand Rapids. Then he took over as CEO of Amway with his father.


Upon leaving Amway, he established his own firm called The Windquest Group, which is a holding company for several Grand Rapids-based businesses including The Stow Company, Coppercraft Distillery, and Boxed Water is Better.


This conglomerate displays the strategic business skills that Dick Devos possesses. In 2010, Dick and Betsy founded the Michigan Aviation Academy, which is a charter school on the Grand Rapids Airport grounds. The curriculum specifically prepares students for careers in the aviation industry.


Dick DeVos is licensed to fly helicopters, jets and single-engine planes, so he had a personal interest in this venture, and selection onto the Board of the FAA Management Advisory Council. James Gill commented that Dick would be a tremendous asset to the Advisory Council because he has “deep roots in aviation as a pilot, and he is an outstanding partner with the airport.” Gill also stated that Mr. Devos would bring the strong leadership and industry insight that the Council required.


The Devoses have been leaders in reforming the education system in both Michigan and now in the national education policies for the country. They have a spectacular reputation as philanthropists in both education and the Republican Party.


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Roseann Bennett The Therapist


Roseann Bennett co-founded the start-up of the Center for Assessment and Treatment for mental ailments and Bennett has solely published articles for mental health and awareness campaigns. These centers are nonprofit organizations which deal with mental health and helps individuals heed a healthier life and a more fulfilling by providing them with quality mental health services.

These centers offer individuals; married partners and families access psychotherapy services, medication examination and management as well as psychological examination services. They offer treatment services across the patient’s lifespan by applying a variety of therapeutic modalities.

Roseann Bennet has too written and published articles to serve the same purpose as the centers. She’s the Executive Director for the Center for Assessment and Treatment. The articles she writes help campaign to create an awareness of the importance of a proper mental health and the essence of proper mental health services.

Roseann writes for the foundation, she too is a certified marriage and family therapist. Roseann Bennett offers mental health services to individuals, plans treatment, and manages cases and crisis as well. Most of Roseanne’s therapist experience comes from dealing with youths fighting the adolescent stage and their loved ones all in the New Jersey. See This Page for additional information Bennett’s philanthropic activities

The main idea of starting the Center for Assessment and Treatment was to help low-income earners to get a quality mental health service, which was a rare case in the entire America. Through consistently writing articles and publishing them about the essence of a better-quality mental health, Roseann Bennett has now achieved the goal she was working for.

This year, the Center for Assessment and Treatment have been emphasizing on what individuals do and what they need to do to keep fit, for their health benefit. Roseann Bennett has written an article about family therapy; the role of untreated depression, showcasing how depression if not treated may lead to divorce and what the future really looks for the depressed couple.


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Contributions Made By Paul Herdsman In Running NICE Global


Paul Herdsman serves as the chief operational officer and the founder of NICE Global. The organization is committed to boosting business sustainability and performance. Through outsourcing its technical services, NICE Global has been able to transform the performance of many businesses. Focusing on many companies indicates that they lack skilled staffs and support infrastructures to handle technical activities. It holds that there are increased chances of delays, losses, and other disruptions. However, there is the option of registering impressive performances by engaging the services of professionals. The NICE Global has a trained and skilled team that can handle back-office operations, after hour sales, phone services, outsource mail services and other activities.

The success of any venture is often influenced by the ability to conform to the market trends and create stable relationships with the clients. However, this may be challenging for organizations with busy schedules or limited resources. Paul Herdsman and his team offer phone services that allow customers to talk with an attendant. Unlike cases where there is the use of automated machines, having phone attendants has a stronger impact. Under the sale services, there is the continuous monitoring of the progress made. Based on the collected and analogized data, NICE Global Recommend Useful Strategies. The success of the team is primarily tied to the positive organizational culture. There is the rewarding and training of employees on a regular basis. The Company has a family stricter where all individuals are appreciated and involved. Refer to This Article for related information.


Paul Herdsman

Based on the operations of NICE Global, Paul Herdsman is defined as an exceptional leader. Paul Herdsman was born in Jamaica and attended the Florida Atlantic University where he graduated with B.A. He employs the skills to offer innovative and quality products that address the interest of the clients.

Paul Herdsman has a positive relationship with all the workers. Rather than just issuing orders, he engages the employees on a regular basis. The regal contract with the employees allows him to monitor the contribution of each member of NICE Global. Additionally, he engages in charitable events where he helps the local society better plan for their businesses. Many individuals and organizations have found the insights issued by the NICE Global valuable.


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Alex Pall: From Aspiring Artist To Record Breaking DJ

Alex Pall knew he would not spend the rest of his life at an art gallery. In fact, the award winning artist only ended up working at an art gallery, due to how living in New York City was not cheap. His hobby for being a dj led him to the Big Apple. New York City was a place where many dreamers and creative people came to explore their talents and develop a career. He managed to get a gig here and there. But ultimately an art gallery became his day job. But not for long. Because this destined artist knew what he had came to New York City to accomplish. In addition, he knew he possessed the qualities necessary to make it in the music business.

The famous music star decided to use his new found wealth to purchase a home. His Hollywood located home was purchased two years ago. The home is very unique, cozy and quaint. The home is a 1930’s built classic. The home cannot be entirely defined as one style of architecture. Instead, the famous dj’s home is a collection and celebration of many architectural styles. The home celebrates both traditional and contemporary elements. There is industrial architecture that was added in the late 1980s and 1980s. There’s the peculiar tree growing right in the entryway of the home.

Alex Pall is able to enjoy such a luxury lifestyle due to his incredible success. The artist along with his bandmate are still experiencing the joys of having a chart topping debut album. They received nominations and awards due to their success. But mostly the two have been able to make an impact in music. They are one of the biggest names in EDM music. The Chainsmokers owe their fame, success and wealth to their personal commitment to always remaining true and authentic with their music. They are heavily involved in every aspect of creating, writing, producing and performing their music. They have made great efforts to always make sure their music is based off of their vision and imagery for what The Chainsmokers believe in.